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Cairo Medical Center (CMC) was established in 1976 by Dr. Hassan Zahed, one of the most prominent physicians in Egypt at the time. It is 15,000 m2 purpose-built facility with wide corridors, spacious rooms and generous areas allocated to general services and a number of specialty centers including cardiac catheter, cardiac investigation, endoscopy, physiotherapy, dental clinic, lab, imaging center and others. CMC is located in East Cairo, in close proximity to Cleopatra Hosp

ital, on a main street in the Heliopolis. The hospital has 200 licensed beds, 9 operating rooms (including one dedicated open heart operation room), over 20 outpatient consultation rooms and a recently-renovated emergency department. CMC has over 900 em

ployees, including more than 212 nurses and 183 resident physicians. CMC specializes in Internal Medicine, Cardiac Catheter Intervention, Gynecology and Obstetrics as well as General Surgery.


CMC has seen extensive developments since joining

Cleopatra Hospital Group, starting with the conversion of the outpatient clinics, dental clinics, and pharmacy from rented out departments to hospital operated departments to provide enhance and improve quality of care. Additionally, the hospital underwent extensive renovations of the ER department, ICU wards, and dental clinics, as well as full upgrades of the Endoscopy department. Key HR gaps were filled to strengthen the hospital’s management, including senior medical, administration and nursing staff