Strategy and Vision

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Strategy and Vision

The Group’s strategy is focused on improving and standardizing service quality, integrating its new and existing facilities to achieve higher efficiencies, enhancing utilization and optimizing existing capacity, continuing to expand the geographical footprint and referral channels, venturing into new, high-potential segments of the market, strengthening the CHG brand as a healthcare leader, and developing the centers-of-excellence model. CHG aims to become the provider of choice for patients across Egypt as we work to transform the nation’s healthcare industry.

Our mission is to deliver the finest quality healthcare in Egypt in a safe, reliable, and caring environment that leverages our highly trained healthcare providers, state-of-the art facilities, and the latest medical technology, always putting patients and their families first

We keep patients and their families at the heart of our strategic plans by developing an integrated platform equipped with highly trained healthcare providers, state of the art facilities, and the latest instruments in medical technology.

 Our aim is to be the leading healthcare group in Egypt. We are working to achieve this through an integrated platform of medical facilities that enables us to deliver world-class services to the effect of enhancing the quality of life made available to our patients.