Cardiology and CCU

Cardiology and CCU

The cardiology and CCU department provides integrated diagnostic and therapeutic services in the field of Cardiovascular Disease.

The Non-Invasive facility provides state of the art two-dimensional echo-cardiography with echo-Doppler and trans esophageal probes.The facility also provides stress testing of different modalities including treadmill ECG.

The Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory is also a state of the art facility providing accurate definition of Atherosclerotic disease “Blockages” involving the coronary arteries.

A team of experienced interventional cardiologists is carrying out coronary angioplasty procedures using up-to-date technology including balloon catheters and intra coronary stents.

The Cardiology department provides care to stable and unstable high-risk cardiac patients alike. Among these are patients with evolving Myocardial Infraction requiring Thrombolytic therapy “Clot busters”.

The facility also includes open heart surgery for bypassing blocked coronary arteries & replacing malfunctioning valves.