ICU for New Borns

ICU for New Borns

Nursery and Intensive Care for Newly born and premature Babies

The department is equipped with the latest in medical life support services, for use in Care of new born and premature babies.

Highly advanced resuscitation equipment is available for the treatment of all new born babies, including specialist incubators for critical care, phototherapy, and Dina map pulsoximeter, a machine that allows us to measure blood gasses through the skin without having to take a sample of Blood.

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

All the diagnostic and  therapeutic upper and lower G.I. procedures are performed on both an elective and emergency basis by highly trained G.I consultants. Full sterilization between individual cases and at the end of every session is performed by skilled nurses under the supervision of the unit staff.

The unit is prepared to receive cases of G.I. bleeding on an emergency basis at any time as it is operational 24/7. Both sclerotherapy and band ligation are available for use for the department if need be.

A gastrointestinal and hepatic intensive care unit is very close to the endoscopy unit.

Endoscopic procedures are done in accordance to the patient’s selected sedation options.