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All employees at Cleopatra Hospital benefit from their ability to practice medicine in a state-of-the-art facility that promotes an unparalleled quality of service to its patients.

The organization incubates personal growth in a community that is dedicated to better the standards of healthcare in the country. We believe that our people are our most valuable asset, and accordingly spare no expense investing in their development.

HR Philosophy

  • We are committed to being the preferred “Employer of choice” among the health care sector in Egypt.
  • We aim to create brand pride for each of our employee through providing a work environment that motivates and promotes passion in everything we do.
  • We aspire to provide excellent opportunities for professional and personal growth
  • We encourage collaboration, creativity, continuous learning and development
  • We are determined to create a work life balance
  • We Recruit the best talent that suits our culture
  • We strive to cultivate an environment of integrity, trust and respect for each other
  • We empower employees with adequate resources
  • We Recognize and appreciate innovative effort and accomplishments
  • We treat all employees fairly
  • We create an environment where teamwork and team goals are encouraged and valued.



To manage the patients’ specimens for whom he / she is responsible to the highest attainable standard of care within the resources of Dallah Hospital.


  • To perform analytical tests on patient specimens.
  • To record and maintain specimen and test results log book.
  • Responsible for running internal/external quality control procedures and maintain records.
  • Responsible for the day to day maintenance of the analytical equipment(s)

Education & Work Experience Requirements

  • B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology / Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (4 years).
  • 1-2 years post B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology.

Cairo Specialist

Job Description and Requirements

JOB SUMMARY Assists the business center management in medical administration of the business. Participate in creation of contractual agreements with clients.


  • Providing the medical support to approval section.
  • Providing the medical support to claims processing center.
  • Provide the medical support to billing section.
  • Holding the responsibilities of medical director during his absence.
  • Coordinating with the medical staff for the clients contracts, requirements and forms.
  • Coordinate with Ins. Co. for Rejection & Reply of Insurance Company rejections.
  • Responsible for Reconciliation with Ins. Co. for final settlement.
  • Responsible for Reconciliation with Ins. Co. for final settlement.
  • Fully aware and actively implement the departmental policies and procedures, and JCI,


  • Basic Medical Degree, License by the Saudi Ministry of Health, Postgraduate Medical Degree
  • Five years postgraduate experience in medical practice and two years practical experience in medical administration.

Nile Badrawi

Al Shorouk