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  • عادل المستكاوي

    رئيس القطاع المالى لمجموعة مستشفيات كليوباترا

عادل المستكاوي

رئيس القطاع المالى لمجموعة مستشفيات كليوباترا

Performance-driven Senior Executive offering 25+ years of comprehensive achievements with world-leading corporations doing business in highly competitive international markets. Expert in transforming businesses, turning around underperforming divisions, and improving corporate bottom lines by translating numbers into achievable action plans, identifying key opportunities, implementing the right strategies, and building top-performing teams. Extensive experience managing a multi-country portfolio at a regional level. Successful in developing new lines of business to expand market share and maximize revenue growth. Accustomed to and effective in high-profile executive roles, making high-stakes decisions, and overcoming complex business challenges. Effective in negotiations, restructuring initiatives, acquisitions / joint venture planning, mergers, and controlling costs.