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    Patient Responsibilities

Patients Responsibilities

Patient Responsibilities:

  • It is anticipated that patients will follow the treatment plan recommended by the physician responsible for their care.

  • Patients are responsible for the consequences if they refuse treatment or do not follow the physician’s instructions.

  • Patients are expected to ensure that the financial obligations for their healthcare are met.

  • Patients are expected to follow hospital regulations, policies and requirements affecting their care and conduct.

  • Patients should be considerate of the rights, privacy and comfort of other patients and hospital personnel and property. They are asked to assist in control of noise and limit the number of visitors. In special circumstances, visitations may be inadvisable on a temporary basis.

  • The patient is expected to provide complete and accurate information about past illnesses, medication, allergies and other matters (including providing medical reports) relating to their health history that need to be known by those involved in the patient treatment.

  • The patient is expected to respect the priority given to emergency patients and to show consideration to other patients.

  • The patient is expected to secure appointments as per the recommendations made by the physician as per the time frame and to attend the appointment on time.

  • The patient will take full responsibility in the event of refusing of test studies, examinations, follow up appointments, admissions and /or treatment.

  • The patient and his/her family and visitors will observe and adhere to the safety regulations of the hospital which include:
    • No smoking policy
    • Hand Hygiene
    • Fire & Safety Plan
    • Non-interference in any medical equipment and patient care activities
    • Only patients and/or authorized “sitters” will be allowed to consume food in the patient’s room
    • All visitors will be asked to present to the Reception Areas in order to be issued a visitor badge
    • No Children under the age of 14 years can visit the ICU/CICU without prior approval from the nurse in Charge
    • Children are to be supervised by adults during visits to both Inpatient and Outpatient areas at all times

  • The patient and his/her family and visitors will avoid bringing valuable belongings to the hospital and in the event of emergency situations, will inform the admission staff about the valuables and ensure that it is handed in as per the hospital policy. The hospital is not responsible for any consequences resulting from non-adherence to this requirement.